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To Upgraded Energy And Focus

Here are A Few Of The Secrets You'll Find Inside this Free Book!

  • 10 biological essentials capable of triggering what scientists call “desirable gene expression”. Finding these vitality hacks in nature is nearly impossible – pg. 31
  • 26+ signs and symptoms of food sensitivity you can’t ignore. plus the “big 4 toxins” you can immediately minimize – pg. 44
  • GMO vs. Organic – You think you might know the diference, but you’ll discover the truth behind food modifcation that goes beyond what you read on the label – pg. 49
  • An ultra-simple 28-day nutrition strategy that removes potential food sensitivities holding you back (there’s no “one size fts all” diet, but this will be your frst step in discovering what foods work for your body) – p. 53
  • 4 food group recommendations that identify as a primary marker for favorable gene expression (no, you won’t fnd these food groups on the USDA food pyramid) – pg. 66
  • As much as 60% of our genetic expression is determined by what we eat and not the genes you were born with. Discover 7+ foods you ate this week that were flled with gene-altering toxins you could have avoided – pg. 69
  • Learn 2 strategies to keep intestinal bacterial balanced and avoid the 8+ symptoms associated with poor gut health – pg. 78
  • How mitochondrial dysfunction can lead to low energy levels in your body - pg. 84
  • What do lower cholesterol, your blood pressure, sugar cravings, hunger, joint pain, brain fog, gum disease, tooth decay, heartburn, and sleep apnea all have in common? – p. 87
  • 7 supplements to have on hand, 27+ sources of healthy fats, the carbs you should and shouldn’t be eating, 12+ energy balancing foods, step-by-step eating guidelines and more – pp. 84
  • How to train less, eat smarter, and feel better than you’ve ever felt. You’ll even learn how to take all the work out of biohacking your nutrition - pg. 94
  • 7 nutrition biohacks to help increase energy production, optimize fat utilization, activate the bio-pathways that build lean muscle, and clarify your mind – pg. 96

And that's Just the First 160 Pages...

But it doesn't stop there... From there I
transition to these Biohacks:

  • The 7 most common workout questions that plague high-level executives, entrepreneurs, business people and athletes – pg. 104
  • Are you spending too much time strength training? Learn why workouts have always left you tired instead of energized – pg. 116
  • The 2 most common workout mistakes you make that negate nearly every cardio health benefit – pg. 106
  • What’s the best workout intensity? What types of workouts are simply a waste of time? Here's access to the workout routines of some of today’s most high-profle celebrities – p. 107
  • This one thing puts your risk of lung cancer 54% higher than everyone else (it’s not smoking) – pg. 121
  • 4 easily implemented biohacks capable of optimizing your workout performance – pg. 129
  • Lies my personal trainer told me” and other myths about the 4-step system I’ll share – pg. 110
  • How to work out, even if you hate working out! Use tips and tricks throughout this chapter to turn the table on the lack of motivation – pg. 107
  • One way you’re actually cheating your body by working too hard. I can guarantee you’ve broken this “golden rule” if you’ve been to the gym at least twice in your life (or even if you’ve gone out for a run) – pg. 111
  • 3 techniques to determine proper workout intensity – pg. 113
  • The exercise equipment recommendations necessary to make the most out of the time you have to work out – p. 114
  • The immune system weakness that can actually cause you to gain weight and lose energy – pg. 120
  • A complete list of my favorite workout tools, gizmos, gadgets, and guides that help you move better, recover faster, and perform at your peak – p. 123

And If your sufering from stress or
, then you'll love this next
section of biohacks:

  • The reason 70% of Americans are stressed. Discover the digestive, metabolic, immune, and energy impact of stressors and how to fght them – pg. 129
  • 5 stress management, reduction, and outright elimination biohacks that all require less than 30 minutes of efort – pg. 164
  • Why it only takes 28 days to achieve freedom from stress, negative thoughts, anxiety and more (even if you don’t feel stressed, I challenge you to try the simple stress management hacks – I guarantee you’ll notice a diference) - pg. 134
  • 24+ devices that use body chemistry and brain wave altering technology to eliminate stress, improve mental performance, and help you achieve your physical peak – pg. 140
  • Mood swings, anxiety, cravings for sugar… these are just 4 of the 15+ signs of chronic stress. Learn how to take your life back from stress, improve your mood, and increase productivity – pg. 130
  • The CRUCIAL thing you must do to reduce stress before it’s too late – pg. 132
  • Hack yourself into “hyper awareness” and discover a new perspective on life opening your mind to emotions, ideas, and creative thought you haven’t experienced in years – pg. 133
  • The secret to meditating stress away and 3 ways to let your body slip into a trance state capable of wiping away your fears, stressors, negative thoughts and more - pg. 135
  • How to increase the 5 “feel good” neurotransmitters by controlling brain wave frequencies – pg. 139
  • The step-by-step guide to using space age Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields to infuence and optimize body chemistry – pg. 142
  • 9 stress reduction tools and the specifc application recommendations you need to implement them – pg. 160
  • My personal 5-step fear, phobia, and stressful emotion elimination strategy - pg. 161
  • 12 stress reduction supplements and their applications supplement researchers claim treats over 100 medical conditions (no, you’re not already taking it) – pg. 163

Next we focus on sleep hacking - how
to get higher quality sleep and wake up
with more focus and energy. Inside you'll learn:

  • Why is it that dozens of infuential thinkers, inventors, businessmen, and politicians can get away with 5, 4, or even 3 hours of sleep each night and function at a high level? The answer will surprise you – pg. 172
  • 5 sleep biohacks, 14 sleep improvement tools, 10+ smartphone apps, dozens of supplements, and 40+ sleep quality improvement ideas you’ll be able to implement starting tonight – pg. 203
  • 9 health concerns you can avoid with proper sleep cycle optimization – pg. 173
  • Using a tested, proven, and re-tested sleep strategy implemented by U.S. Navy Seals. Manipulate your sleep patterns to increase cognitive function by 20% and physical performance by 50% - pg. 176
  • 10 essential considerations for the one piece of furniture where you’ll spend over 1/3 of your life. Hacking your mattress – pg. 179
  • 3 major sleep components and a researched sleep strategy you can use to scientifcally trick your mind into thinking you slept 2x longer than you actually did – pg. 181
  • The truth about overstimulation and one mistake you make every single night that’s guaranteed to keep you tossing and turning for hours – pg. 183
  • 6 sleep hacks from sports superstars – Copy and paste the performance enhancing secrets of the world’s greatest athletes – pg. 184
  • Signs you should get a sleep study and the deadly cycle of sleep disturbances that result in low energy levels, brain fog, and a myriad of health conditions – pg. 189
  • 5 smart phone apps, their uses, and my personal recommendations for computer-aided sleep (you’ll also get my full list of auditory brain entertainment suggestions) – pg. 200
  • 11 sleep-aid supplements, their uses, and how you can implement proper supplementation to make the most of your sleep cycles – pg. 201
  • Understand how exercise efects your sleep! I’m going to give you a tip you can try today that might go against what you’ve heard from doctors and personal trainers (This strategy has over 100+ studies behind it) – pg. 202

From there we transition to my favorite topic

Supplements Secrets!

  • Ever wonder why Nobel Prize winning doctors believe that “nearly all disease can be traced to a nutritional defciency?” I’ll show you not only why, but how to avoid the defciencies that are almost impossible to naturally correct – pg. 205
  • Over the past 250 years, the human condition has “improved” but our bodies have not evolved. Discover the environmental toxins, stressors, and chronic degenerative conditions plaguing the population and help your body avoid them – pg. 205
  • Studies have shown that modern fruits and vegetables contain anywhere between 5% to 40% or more fewer minerals and nutrients than they did just 50 years ago. Let me explain how to adapt to our changing nutritional environment – pg. 207
  • 9 out of 10 supplements tested don’t contain what’s on the label. Ready to see what’s really in your post-workout protein shake? – pg. 209
  • 10 things to look out for on supplement and food labels. Some of them actually won’t be on the label so I’ll show you 20+ warning signs to look for in your food over the course of the chapter – pg. 210
  • 13 supplements that seem healthy but are actually toxins. Learn why some of the most popular vitamins and minerals you supplement with every day are actually toxic to your body – pg. 211
  • 4 foundational supplements useful for increasing focus, energy and overall performance – Use my detailed breakdown of each and their natural availability to optimize your supplementation strategy – pg. 212
  • One readily available, afordable, and absolutely must-have supplement that's essential for mitochondrial function and free radical protection – pg. 213
  • Should you get nutrients from food or supplements? The answer may be the most important question in all of nutrition – pg. 218
  • Cyanocobalamin VS. Methylcobalmin – Both are called “Vitamin B12” on supplement labels. Do you know which is toxic – pg. 211

Are you having fun yet? Because next
we get to cover some of the biohacks
that seem simple, yet have the biggest
impact on energy:

  • 4 hydration, oxygenation, and light biohacks you can start using tomorrow and how over 40 new technological tools are changing the way everyone is increasing mental clarity and physical energy – pg. 270
  • You were always told that “60% of your body is water.” Did you know that was actually just by weight? In reality 99% of your molecules are made of water – pg. 220
  • Are you breathing the wrong way? Let me show you how to implement the breathing technique you can use to simultaneously stabilize 4 of your body’s systems and increase ATP (energy) production – p. 236
  • Light can reduce pain and infammation? I’ll show you the 7+ uses for light therapy you’ve never heard of – pg. 244
  • The “Wim Hof Method” explained – I’ll show you how to implement the oxygen supply optimization technique implemented by the 20 world record holder who climbed Mount Everest wearing nothing but shorts and boots – pg. 237
  • Too Much Sun VS. Too Little Sun – Which is worse? The answer actually surprised me – pg. 246
  • Why not all water is created equal and the reason replacing what you drink now with a type of water you’ve never heard of can reduce the clumping of red blood cells associated with infammatory conditions and cancers – pg. 222
  • 2 “must have” water source characteristics essential for mental clarity, health, and energy – pg. 224
  • 5 important health benefts to natural sunlight exposure that Vitamin D can’t give you – pg. 248
  • One water toxin you’ll fnd at nearly every tap in the United States, why it may be making you sick, and what you can do about it – pg. 226
  • Did you know the water inside your cells has a diferent chemical structure when compared to the water you drank today? Uncover 10 sources of bio-optimized water you can start using today – pg. 230
  • Complete water fltration, ionization, and structuring principles, guidelines and much, much more – pg. 233
  • Achieve the same benefts of 4 to 6 months of rigorous physical training in just 30 days (and how you can use it too!) – pg. 263

From Here We'll Focus on the Mindset Shifts You Need To Stay Motivated and Sharp (No Matter How Stressful Life Becomes)

  • Why you should have already thrown away every productivity book, progress guide, or self-help manual you own – pg. 282
  • 6 steps you’ll follow to achieve your peak state – pg. 309
  • Stanford University’s tested, proven, and re-tested 3-step behavioral change formula – pg. 283
  • The “can’t skip” 5-minute time investment that pays back dividends, delivering you everything from wealth and abundance to better health – pg. 310
  • Your new 24 hour action plan – An easy to follow roadmap to success and happiness that follows the “DAP Formula” – pg. 285
  • Steal the daily routine I use every day to stay motivated, sharp, and moving forward no matter how busy I am or how stressful life becomes – pg. 287
  • 3 types of limiting beliefs, how they keep you from achieving your goals, and how to simplify and eliminate them by hacking into your brain’s RAS system (if you take nothing else away from this chapter, you should just memorize this!) – pg. 314
  • Implement the weekly schedule I’ve already made for you. You can modify this plan to create your own weekly habits. Worksheet on – pg. 307
  • 14 “range of motion” increasing methods that make maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle that much easier – pg. 308
  • One habit all successful people have that no one talks about (HINT: If you’re reading this, you may already have it) – pg. 321
  • Follow along as I show you the “5-step anchoring experiment” you can use to achieve any desired mental state – pg. 316
  • It doesn’t take a “motivation miracle” to achieve impossible goals, all that’s required is the easy application of the mindset hacks I’ll share – pg. 322

What happens when you get stuck? My troubleshooting section will get you moving forward!

  • Which of the 16 most overlooked energy and mental focus “drains” are keeping your mind and body bogged down, worn out, and fatigued – pg. 335
  • What you need to read if you’ve experienced abdominal pain or discomfort multiple times in the past year – pg. 340
  • Troubleshooting a gut dysfunction or leaky gut problem – pg. 343
  • 4 additional causes of digestive discomfort that cause symptoms similar to leaky gut, how to identify them, and how to quickly and easily address them – pg. 348
  • 100+ supplements, broken down by topic, sorted by efectiveness, and explained in detail – pg. 351
  • Vitamin A VS. Vitamin D VS. Magnesium defciencies – pg. 356
  • 16 common signs of toxic overload commonly overlooked, misdiagnosed, and blamed on something else. Using this complete list you can fnally stop living life bound by the harsh chemicals that surround all of us – pg. 361
  • My easy guide to detoxifcation, reducing the process into 15 steps you can follow, implement, and immediately beneft from – pgs. 363
  • The truth about PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs), common dosage guidelines, and efective ways to approach healthcare professionals and experienced anti-aging experts (PLUS, you’ll learn 16 alternatives to anti-aging therapy) – pg. 392
  • An 8 step strategy to fght adrenal fatigue (be sure to get started with the diagnostic tools on pg. 393) and how to monitor your recovery process to determine if you’re adequately beating the stressors keeping you anxious, irritable, and worn-out – pg. 395
  • 60% of people with thyroid problems have no clue they are sufering from a life-altering hormonal imbalance. Determine if you meet any of the 17 potential symptoms – pg. 400
  • Skip to this section to determine if your bad mood is really caused by a chemical imbalance – pg. 410
  • The 10 infammation reduction biohacks – pg. 442
  • The reason it’s so easy to brush of fatigue and poor cognitive function when an autoimmune disease may be to blame – pg. 444
  • Understand the diseases, conditions, risk-factors, and symptoms associated so you know how to apply the 20+ nutritional interventions I’ll provide – pg. 463
  • 26 ways to determine if you have poor circulation, how to improve blood oxygenation using strategies outlined, and 20+ basic and advanced ways to introduce more oxygen into your system – pg. 467
  • Use It or Lose It” – The one rule you can’t ignore and the essential movement patterns you need to follow if you want to keep your body functioning (and really, alive) for as long as possible – pg. 476
  • Troubleshooting for women, estrogen dominance, androgens, and PCOS: Why what works for men doesn’t work for women. How to adapt supplementation, nutrition, movement, exercise and more accordingly – pg. 486

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  • I'm kinda a show of... I'm not going to lie. I've spent my whole life looking high and low for what is contained in this book. I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, and now, for the frst time ever... you can fnd ALL of these Biohacks in one place! I thought it would be a breath of fresh air to publish the TRUTH, show you what actually works... and honestly, I just want you to think I'm cool. 🙂

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